Reach employees with the right info at the right time

"We created Prepp for forward-thinking leaders who knows that they can`t manage what can't be measured. They understand that their business has to evolve as the world around them evolves."

Amin Fard, CEO of Prepp

Your employees are drowning in communication

It is hard to cut through the noise in the company when sending information to employees. Engaging them with the information is even harder.

There is a strong correlation between how good the internal communication and employee engagement is, and the outcome employees produce on all levels in the organization.

Prepp makes it easy to send and consume engaging information. Being engaged and productive is what makes us all feel motivated and happy. It drives results and secures jobs.

Can we rethink communication?

Messaging apps is the only channel in our lives where we actually read all the messages we receive.

  • Short and to the point
  • Mobile friendly
  • Quick reply options

= Good internal communication

= Sales

For every 1.0 percent increase in employee engagement, companies can expect to see an additional 0.6% growth in sales.” AonHewitt

September 2016

Our Story

I was working as a marketing manager for a Norwegian Telco company and I spent millions on external marketing. I experienced that the sales results increased dramatically when the employees were updated and engaged in the external marketing.

Engaging employees is easier said than done.

Employees in the company told me that there was too much information in their inboxes and that reading e-mail was boring. We had to think differently.

The solution? We sent information to employees through Facebook Messenger, a platform they already used and loved.

They all got the message and became engaged.

With the introduction of Workplace by Facebook and Prepp, the management can amplify their voice and engage employees to experience higher read rates and engagement in a measurable way

We believe it is just a matter of time before all large companies using Workplace by Facebook starts using a communication and engagement chatbot.

We know this because chat messages are the only communication form where the information actually gets read. Our results prove that we are right.

-Amin Fard

The future of communication

We give you the power to reach and engage all employees by broadcasting information through our chatbot platform, Prepp.

We can prove higher read rates, boost your voice, and engage employees in a way that has not been done before!

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