(Free Template) How to Write a Furlough Recall Letter After COVID-19

Millions of employees around the world have been furloughed due to COVID-19. By using employee furloughs companies can help to slow an economic downturn while also making it easier to bring employees back to work. The impact of the Coronavirus is still being felt but as the situation is slowly improving now is the time to plan for welcoming parts of your staff back. This article contains a few things you should know before you start and a furlough recall letter template you can use within your organization.

In some cases, you may be welcoming employees back virtually and in several phases. To keep everyone in sync and ensure good internal communications it’s important to follow a clear procedure when it comes to your furlough recall process. With so much uncertainty in recent times, your employees will appreciate seeing this well-structured process and clear information.

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What to Include in a Furlough Recall Letter

  1. The Employment Offer

    A furlough recall letter works much like an employment offer. Your employees may have found other work during their furloughed period and should be given a choice to accept or decline your offer.

  2. The Return to Work Date and Terms

    Be sure to spell out the most important terms of your recall offer. The most important of which is the date you’re requesting them to return to work and employment terms such as manager name, job title, and salary.

  3. The New Health and Safety Procedures

    To help elevate employee anxiety address the steps you’re taking to create a safe workplace for them. We’ve added some text to cover this but feel free to outline more specifically the actions your organization has taken.


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