How to set up custom domain email channel

Sending emails to your employees from your own domain is a better experience for your employees. It is also a more reliable way to communicate to your employees as they will have more trust in getting emails from you directly rather than getting emails from Preppio. This is why we encourage our customers to create their own email channels. You can achieve this by either creating an SMTP user/credentials and relay messages through your email servers. Or, you can verify Preppio to be able to send emails on behalf of your domain/subdomain.


Using SMTP with credentials

You will need the SMTP credentials and connection details from your email/IT administrator. Once you input these values, you should test your connection by selecting the test email button. If everything goes smoothly you are all set to use this method for setting up your email channel.


Verifying your custom domain

In order to allow the Preppio application to send emails on behalf of your company domain, you will need to create a couple of TXT entries in your DNS service. We also recommend using a subdomain instead of your main domain just to keep the existing configuration for your main domain intact and working as is.

You can configure the display name and the email address as you wish. You can also modify these afterward if needed.


Next, you will see the values of the TXT records you will need to add to your DNS service for the domain or subdomain you have provided. These records are for the respective SPF and DKIM signings. We can also provide a dedicated IP address for the SPF record if required (extra charges may apply for this option). Once you have updated your DNS service with the records, you should verify the domain. The changes to the DNS records could take some time to propagate so please give it some time and check again after a few hours. Please note that some DNS services prefer the DNS name values registered differently. For example for the SPF entry, some DNS services require a portion of the hostname such as onboarding as they will append the domain name automatically to this hostname. The same applies to the DKIM entry where some DNS service providers only require the mta._domainkey as hostname or mta._domainkey.onboarding where they will again append the domain to the hostname. Usually, you can test these permutations quickly within an hour time by trying to verify them from the Preppio application by clicking on the verify domain button.

Once the entries are recognized by the application, you will see a green check icon beside the domain name. You should be all set and the channel is configured correctly.