Feature Release

3rd of August 2021

Stakeholder Portal page

The stakeholder portal page helps each participant within the onboarding process to access relevant information and notifications regarding content that needs their attention. Stakeholders currently include roles such as the Manager, HR Coordinator, IT, and an extra role that is available as “Other”.

This page will display a quick overview of notifications and the number of people the stakeholder has onboarded within a certain timeframe. It is possible to filter the notification list by employee id, name, and phone number if needed. Any content that has been selected to include notification to a stakeholder will trigger a notification to the relevant stakeholder once completed by the employee(new hire). The type of content that will be possible to create notifications for are requests for files, tasks, surveys, and responses/feedback (user response) from the new hire. Only content that includes these elements will provide the option to select which stakeholder to notify once it is completed by the new hire.

Here is where you add a reminder to the stakeholder:

Drag the content into the timeline, and in the pop-up, choose “When completed send Notification to” in order to select reminders to be sent to the right stakeholder through the chosen channel. The reminder will include a link to the stakeholder page.

Currently, the Manager and HR Coordinator stakeholders will be able to add/modify the start date and assignment of a buddy for the new hire (employee) through this page.

Access control and authorization
Only the person who is supposed to be notified will see the information on the page. The link to this page is sent through the primary channel of the stakeholder (ie. WorkChat, Microsoft Teams, SMS, email) or the channel selected for which to send the notification. Once the session to access the page expires, the page will display the option to resend a new link on the previews channel so that we can re-authenticate the user.

PS: We will be adding more features to the portal in the future, and we would really appreciate receiving feedback/requests from you!