Micro Learning

E-learning for non-desk employees

Prepp is designed to help companies with mobile first employees in transforming learning to the digital age. Educate employees and bite-sized pieces, so they learn and retain more.

Interface we know and love

The reason why chat is the number one way of communicating is because the interface makes it easy to send and receive short and sweet pieces of information.

Logging into e-learning solutions and learning a new interface makes traditional e-learning software time consuming. The formats are often more similar to the intranet than of a consumer grade product people love. We all know that if there is a big threshold to do something, it is harder to get people to do it, so familiarity for your new e-learning platform is key.

With Prepp employees get startet by having a chatbot sending them messages, and through a short and sweet conversation the learning is done. The interface is familiar for all your employees, and there is not need get user names and password or to log in to a separate solution,

Using videos, Gifs, Multiple Choice and other all within WorkChat makes learning fun and engaging.

Micro learning

Make your employees more effective learners by delivering short and sweet bite-sized pieces of highly focused and engaging content to learners. Learning in smaller and more frequent pieces is scientifically proven to be better for learning results.

  • Convenient as employees can complete 2-10 minute training sessions wherever they are and get to work.
  • Easy to present, reinforce information through repetition, quizzing, and feedback.
  • Completion rates are usually higher with microlearning as there is a low barrier to start, easy format and takes little time.

You will not only experience higher completion rates, but your employees will be better to apply what they learn on the job, improving business results.

Transform Workplace to a learning platform

Save time and cost by using platform that piggyback on top of the existing infrastructure your employees already are using:

No new apps that employees need to download or log into

The frustrating job of getting all employees to download a separate e-learning app is a thing of the past if you are using Workplace by Facebook for internal communication. Integrating Prepp to Workplace, empowers you to distribute learning content within your existing infrastructure quicker and more efficient.

No links to external webpages outside of Workplace by Facebook

Emails from e-learning platforms to employees are often are not opened, and if they are click through rates are often very low.

One of the reasons are distribution lists that often represent between 40%-60% emails sent in a company with only very low open rates!

Emails are great but people got a lot of power with this communication tool; a person can send 2,000 emails every day to  colleagues using distribution lists – but do not accept the responsibility – don’t care if they read it or not, if they find it interesting or not, if they answer or not.

Millennial employees have a short attention span

Waiting for a seconds, even minutes makes completion rates low. If the content is slow, un-engaging or in a bad interface the completion rates are going to be low and learning results lower. Everyone know how the conversational interface works and love it for its convenience. Delivering learning through fun chat conversations with a chatbot it easier to get employees to actually do the learning courses and engage in it. By making Workplace by Facebook the learning hub in your company you also make to process of learning convenient and engaging.

Just in Time Learning

Just-In-Time Training, sometimes called Just-in-Time learning, is exactly what it sounds like: knowledge right when an employee needs it. According to research from CEB, 57 percent of workers expect learning to be more “just in time,” than it was a few years ago.

Learning information just before using it can be a very effective way to drive business results, as learning content often gets forgotten if not being used on the job short time after it is received.  Just-In-Time learning raises engagement among employees, something that’s desperately needed in the workforce right now.

Use Prepp to update create great customer experience by sending them learning before a new product launch or ensure that they are all aligned on the new marketing messages. Read more about JITT here

Easier to produce and maintain

Creating content is as easy as writing messages, and we help you with everything you need to get started:

  • No need to pay for the instructor’s or the learners time, use physical classrooms, or the logistics around on-premise learning
  • It is less time and resource demanding to update digital information than reprint training manuals and/or supplementary classroom training sessions.
  • It is less time consuming to roll out micro learning courses because they are modular in nature.

Our professional team of content writers can even write the content for you, based on previous learning content, interviews and learning goals in your organization.


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