Implement Prepp in minutes

This is why IT-departments love Prepp

Implement Prepp in minutes

This is why IT-departments love Prepp

We know.

You’ve spent thousands on a great software with lots of cool benefits that would make your organization great.

The problem?

Complicated software takes YEARS to implement, and even longer to be adopted to it’s full potential.

If adopted at all…

Prepp is different

It takes 10 min to install and learn Prepp.

We’re serious – just watch the video below.

It's a quick win

Prepp delivers significantly higher engagement rates then any other communication channel in your company, through a modern chat-interface that employees already use and love.

After the Workplace integration it easy for any company to reach every single employee in their company through Workplace, e-mail and even SMS. We measure the results and can send reminders to employees that need it.

Deliver engaging messages

Check results with one click

Enable automatic email reminders to ensure that people get the message

And the best part?

You can get started at once and experience the results after the first message is sent.

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Prepp is the preferred chatbot by innovative brands like:

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