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Bite-sized chunks of learning from a chatbot in Workplace

Educate employees with bite-sized pieces, so they learn and retain more.

Microlearning in the flow of work

  • 2-10 minute training sessions with a chatbot
  • Easy to present, reinforce information through repetition, quizzing and feedback
  • Low barrier to start and it’s a format everyone is familiar with

Make learning more effective for your employees by delivering short and sweet bite-sized pieces of highly focused and engaging content. Learning in shorter and more frequent pieces is scientifically proven to be better for the results of learning.

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Consumer grade experience

Using Videos, Gifs, Multiple Choice, etc. all within WorkChat, makes learning fun and engaging and in a format people know and love!

Transform Workplace into a learning platform

Piggybacking on top of the existing infrastructure your employees already use makes implementing Prepp hassle free for you and your employees.


“With over 400% higher read rates compared to

e-mail or Workplace groups after 15 minutes and advanced analytics, Prepp is a superior way for us to distribute knowledge.”


Leif Fløysvik
Head of Communication & Training / Lyse Dialog AS

Save time and money

Send your first learning within minutes after integrating Prepp to Workplace. No downloads, logins or new software makes it easy for learning leaders to start using Prepp.

Convenient and engaging:

Millennial employees have a short attention span. Waiting for seconds, even minutes makes completion rates low. Delivering learning through fun chat conversations with a chatbot makes it easy for employees to finish short micro learning sessions while being productive at work.

Just-In-Time Training, sometimes called Just-in-Time learning, is exactly what it sounds like; knowledge right when an employee needs it. According to research from CEB, 57 percent of workers expect learning to be more “just in time” than it was a few years ago.

Learning information while practicing it can be a very effective way to drive business results, as learning content gets forgotten if not being used on the job short time after it is received.  Just-In-Time learning raises engagement among employees, something that’s desperately needed in the workforce right now.

Use Prepp to update and create great customer experience by sending the employees learning material when there is a new product launch or when you want to ensure that they are all aligned on the new marketing messages.


Ask questions or send fun quizzes to ensure that everyone has completed the learning sessions – measure results and follow up on the ones that need it.

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We have engaging templates to make it easier to get employees to actually engage in internal communication.


Learn how to connect, align,and engage your employees


Deliver an engaging, scalable and impactful onboarding journey for new hires