Make onboarding personal, at scale

Prepp assists managers with tasks and coaches them into becoming onboarding superstars.

Bring your onboarding checklist to life

  • Save time for HR, managers, & employees 
  • Reduce information overload for new hires
  • Analytics to know if people are following the process

Expert templates and a simple drag and drop interface to design the onboarding journey that makes new hires feel special.

A fun and modern welcome to all new hires!

Create the habits, knowledge, and skills that result in highly productive employees:

  • A feeling of connection from day one
  • A faster route to competency
  • Automation to save time

Employee retention starts with great onboarding:

  • 90% of new employees determine within the first six months if they’ll stay with a company or leave.
  • 50% higher productivity with a structured onboarding program
  • 68% of employees are more likely to stay in the company after 3 years

Onboarding employees to Workplace with a chatbot

Employees are engaged the first time they log into Workplace by Facebook, and this is the right moment for you to get them to upload their profile pictures, join the right groups, and learn the dos and don’ts.

Launching Workplace with Prepp`s onboarding chatbot Anna guarantees high quality and engaging onboarding program.

If you want to increase engagement after launch, you can use Anna to re-engage employees in Workplace by Facebook as well.


Learn how to connect, align,and engage your employees


Educate employees with bite-sized pieces, so they learn and retain more