Sales and Marketing

Engage your customer-facing employees.

Drive sales and make sure your employees deliver on customer experience with short and sweet learning content that engage them.

Are your employees representing the brand?

  • Spending millions on external communication, but forgetting internal marketing?
  • Are your employees representing the brand and the customer promise?
  • Are your employees last to know about marketing, offers, new products?

Optimize conversion rates for employees with Internal Marketing.

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Your employees are your brand!

What happens to customers when they are in contact with employees that do not deliver on customer’s expectations because they are not trained on the latest marketing, product launch or service information?

Optimize employees with internal marketing before marketing, product launches and changes in service to increase sales, increase positive customer experience and operational excellence.


ROI on marketing initiatives

Invest in internal marketing to ensure that your employees are motivated to drive revenue and aligned on the latest marketing offers.

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It's a quick win

Turn your visitors into happy customers by using Prepp to get more employees to read, understand and follow up on the company initiatives around sales and marketing.

Engaging employees with Just In Time Training will help you reach your revenue targets.

Spend minutes creating engaging internal communication campaigns and distribute it through WorkChat for maximum impact.

Measure understanding and impact

Ask questions or send fun quizzes to ensure that everyone is ready and focused – measure results and follow up on the ones that need it.

If the sales results in one area is lagging behind, you can use the analytics in our solution to see if it correlates with lack of information.

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We have engaging templates to make it easier to get employees to actually engage in internal communication.


Deliver an engaging, scalable and impactful onboarding journey for new hires

Internal Communication

Learn how to connect, align,and engage your employees