Prepp ❤️ Workplace by Facebook


Prepp is pleased to announce that we are a Workplace by Facebook partner!

We started building Prepp as broadcast Chatbot in October 2016 for Hafslund Marked AS, a Norwegian Workplace by Facebook customer that had been using Workplace since spring 2016.

After working on Prepp for several months we tried to integrate Prepp so our customer could start using it. It did NOT go as planned.. We had not taken into consideration that Workplace had not opened up their API`s for integration partners. Basically, we had built a solution, but it was worthless.

At first, we were quite nervous, but during the Facebook development conference F8 in 18. May 2017 Facebook announced that they would open their API`s so integrations like ours would work in Workplace. I can assure you that we were quite happy when we got the news that all our efforts were leading to a working product.

Like most startups, we made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but things have gone a lot smoother since then. We launched our Beta for other Workplace users in June 2017 and received a lot of positive feedback. Over 50 companies requested to be a part of the closed Beta.

Today we are ecstatic about the fact that we signed a development agreement with Facebook and Workplace. The agreement means that we will be working with the Workplace team to help build a great ecosystem where integration partners can help companies get the most out of Workplace.

Why we chose Workplace?

There are other platforms out there with more hype and users. The reason why we love Workplace by Facebook is that we believe enterprise communication is lagging behind communication platforms we use in our private lives. Why should it take more time planning and discussing something at work (E-mail) than in your private life (Facebook)? A lot of people like myself used to spend 40-50% of my time reading and writing e-mails at work. Any measure to reduce that time is a great ROI for the companies in general. Workplace reduces time spent on e-mails drastically.

The main reason why we believe in Workplace is that it makes collaboration, innovation and work better. It gives everyone in the company a voice and makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than the people you are e-mailing. We believe that Workplace gives your company a ❤️.

The fact that it works from day one and everyone knows how to use it is another great reason why more companies will switch to Workplace.

That being said, Workplace is not perfect and Prepp is an add-on that can help make Workplace even better.

Prepp: A Broadcast Chatbot and Workplace by Facebook Partner
Why Prepp?

Updating groups is not the ideal solution when sending need-to-know information to employees. Prepp is a broadcast chatbot that ensures higher read rates by sending messages directly to WorkChat. The sender can track and measure who is updated and who is not.

Use Prepp for sending:

- Warnings- Information

- Tasks

- Training


Prepp is now available to install as one of the first integration tailored for Workplace by Facebook. Prepp is available for all 14000 companies using Workplace.

Prepp works out-of-the-box without much time spent on integration or training.